August 31, 2008

Mission Statement

Throughout the course of life, many trends come and go. We regret participating in some, and look back at others with a sense of nostalgia. Through this website, I will strategically construct and submit new trends. The idea is similar to a pyramid scheme. Hopefully when YOU act out the trends found on this site, others will notice. These people will then decide that they too want to be popular, so they'll do the same. Others will notice them and so-on and so-forth. Ideally, teenagers in Japan (who seem the most susceptible to fleeting trends) will then themselves adopt the ideas proposed here. 

Is there a risk? Definitely. Don't you think the first guy who decided to put gel in his hair and "spike" it up looked like an idiot? Of course he did! In fact, he STILL looks like an idiot to this day. But its important to remember that trends aren't about looking cool. Trends are about BEING cool. 

So here are your instructions:
1) Implement the trends found here
2) Act like the new trend is perfectly normal
3) Watch for others to catch on

Each new trend will contain a "sign that this trend has caught on" and also a place where you can check the latest status of the trend and see whether the trend has indeed caught on or yet.  I also urge you to post the results of your implementing the trends in the comments section. It is perfectly acceptable for your stories to be untrue, as long as they are both funny and believable.